Muslim Student Association

A place of peace, preservation, and passion.


About Us

The Muslim Student Association at Touro aims to be a place of peace, preservation, and passion. ‘Islam’ is derived from the Arabic word for ‘peace’ and as Muslims, we strive to embody peace within ourselves and in the environments around us. We seek to preserve our tradition through honoring its beliefs and values and are passionate, especially as professionals, to promote and put into practice its message of truth, goodness, and beauty through service, education, and collaboration.

"The servants of God are those who walk on the earth humbly, and when the ignorant speak to them, they reply: 'Peace'."

Quran 25:63

Member Benefits:

-Be part of a faith-based community

-Priority in signing up for club events

-Exclusive opportunities to take part on service projects

-Leadership. professional, and networking opportunities

"Verily, in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest."

Quran 13:28

Our Team

Nazilya Gasanova
VP of Social Affairs: Sister's Chair
Samaneh Bolourchi
Nazo Afzal
Nabeez Noor


Muslim Student Association

1310 Club Dr
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