Meditation Events & Resources

Join us for bi-monthly Meditation Thursdays!

Led by Touro Faculty and Students.

Every other Thursday from 6-6:30pm


• Meditational Mandala Handpan   

• Sara Auster                    

• Dylan Werner                                     

• “Tibetan Bowls” playlist on Spotify

• Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhené Aiko


• Tara Brach

• Ram Dass

• Mindful website

• Yoga Girl website

• Yoga Journal website

• Loving Kindness meditation

• Michelle Johnson- Metta Meditation

• Nicole Cardoza- Meditation for Self-Forgiveness

• Meghan Currie - Cozy Feels Guided Meditation

• “Guided Meditation” playlist on Spotify

• Emily Price on Spotify and Youtube

• The Honest Guys on Spotify and Youtube


• Liberate Meditation

• Headspace

• Waking Up by Sam Harris