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Come join us this august 26th at 4:30 P.M

We are dedicated to learning, improving, and creating policies to impact modern medicines. Along with other chapters from UCSF, UCLA, Stanford, and more, we seek to change healthcare for the better. With the current social distancing mandate in place, you can join the various webinars and receive the latest news on healthcare. Say you have no experience? Well, no knowledge, no experience, no commitment needed, just join us, and maybe attend various state and national meetings.


1) The best part? Join America Medical Association here or at It’s only $68 for a 4-year membership and you're eligible to receive one of these incentives for free!

-Sketchy Micro 6-month digital subscription

-Boards & Beyond 9-month digital subscription

-USMLE Step 1 2020

-USMLE Step 1 2021 (pre-order)

2) Join CMA/SCMS ( membership includes:

- local networking opportunities with physicians and health care leaders.

- Great volunteer opportunities to get involved with public health and shaping California health care policies.

- Access to member-exclusive events, such as SCMS’ movie nights, awards dinners & casino nights, and more.

- Access to a comprehensive database of physician job postings.

- Financial assistance.

- Strengthening your resume.









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Dias Mathew
Charlotte Park
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Nicholas Crouch
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Bao Ly
Michael Zhitnitsky
Community Service Coordinator
Zoe Quint
Shradha Biradar
Anand Patil
Jennifer Dionisio
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Mariya Yaroshenko
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AMA/CMA/SCMS Touro Chapters

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