TUC generally supports faculty, staff and student travel in furtherance of our educational mission. However, due to the worldwide spread of the COVID-19, TUC is closely monitoring information and advice from the CDC and from state and local governments and is temporarily instituting new travel policies and procedures in an effort to keep individuals and our community from coming into contact with the virus.

TUC will continue to follow the Touro College & University System (TCUS) policy restricting university sponsored travel. The TUC travel ban is extended through April 30, 2021. University-sponsored international or domestic travel after April 30, 2021 requires prior approval by senior campus leadership.

Employees should check updated travel guidelines before planning personal travel and before requesting for university-related travel.  Initial requests for university-related travel must be submitted to either your dean or department who will then consult with senior leadership. Without prior travel authorization, TUC will not reimburse any part of the travel and employees must charge days out of the office to vacation and/or personal time. In addition, failure to request prior travel authorization will be considered a violation of policy.

For personal vacation and travel to locations with active COVID-19 community transmission, employees and students are requested to self-quarantine for 14 days or to obtain a COVID-19 negative test upon return from the personal vacation and travel.

Out-of-state clinical rotations and auditions may continue as a necessary need for students to successfully complete their program.