Touro University California recognizes the responsibility to provide a safe campus is a responsibility we all share. We have always taken that responsibility seriously and have implemented protocols to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leadership from each department/school/college has been involved in developing plans to minimize contact between employees as well as students by using staggered schedules and virtual/remote workplaces.

The need to reduce the number of people on campus (density) to meet physical distancing requirements is imperative.

Healthy TUC Training

Per state and Solano County public health directives, all faculty, staff and student workers are required to be educated on the Healthy TUC Spring 2021 Plan. TUC will provide educational materials for the campus. Topics all employees are required to be educated on include: information on COVID-19 and how to prevent its spread, testing and contact tracing, quarantine and isolation, self-screening and symptom checking, the use of face coverings, hand washing, cleaning and disinfection, and social distancing practices.

- All faculty, staff, and students returning to campus will be required to complete training that outlines TUC’s health measures, including effective hand washing, physical distancing, proper use and care of face coverings, and taking personal responsibility while caring for yourself and others.
- The Healthy TUC Spring 2021 Plan was developed to educate the university community about required health measures, enforcement, and consequences of non-compliance. Through education, signage on campus, and digital platforms such as monitors on campus Healthy TUC Spring 2021 education will continue to be implemented. The communication campaign and the required education will emphasize that health and well-being are a shared responsibility among students, employees, vendors, visitors, and surrounding community members. Signs will be posted at the entrance of each building and near elevators, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas on campus.
- By completing training, faculty, staff and student workers are acknowledging they will abide by the Healthy TUC protocols. Failure to comply with campus COVID-19 protection protocols can result in access to campus being revoked and disciplinary action.

Departmental Management Guidance for Return to Work

Managers and supervisors will coordinate workplace furnishings and activities to allow at least 6 feet between employees, or between employees and other persons, for example, contractors or visitors. This also applies to shared offices without partitions, break rooms, conference rooms, and other spaces. Cubicles with wall partitions of less than 6 feet height will also require 6 feet between workers.

Scheduling of employees will adhere to capacity limits and physical distancing. For offices (excluding classrooms, laboratories, and health care environments), supervisors will be responsible for maintaining appropriate office occupancy.

For office settings such as cubicles or shared workspaces that are close together, distances of at least 6 feet between employees in the office at all times is required.

Strategies for Reducing Number of Employees in the Workspace

- Consider the reduction of core business hours (both online and in-person)
- Establish staffing structure to determine ideal staff occupancy levels
- Alternate workgroups in the office to ensure physical distancing can be observed
- Track occupant information to strategize at the building level which areas will be used certain days of the week
- Establish and assign zones to groups to enable them to sit within proximity of their team, but desks may have to be unassigned
- Continue to hold all meetings, on virtual platforms.