Acknowledgement and Attestation

Early identification of cases and their close contacts is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19 to TUC and the surrounding community. As required by state and Solano County public health directives, TUC is implementing a strategy for conducting COVID-19 symptom checks, testing, and contact-tracing for faculty, staff, and students aimed at identifying early cases and quarantining close contacts. All faculty, staff, and students are expected to participate in TUC’s COVID-19 symptom checking, surveillance testing, and contact tracing program.

All students and employees must complete this acknowledgement and attestation to help us minimize the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Should you choose not to complete this requirement, you are not allowed on campus and are subject to corrective action (employee) or charged with violating the Student Conduct Code (student) if you come to campus. If you have questions, please contact your supervisor (employee) or Dean of Student Affairs (student).

I understand the University will, in addition to its standard cleaning practices, be taking the following health and safety measures:

  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of common areas
  • Ensuring hand sanitizer stations are located in all buildings, subject to availability of hand sanitizer
  • Checking ventilation for proper airflow to reduce the possibility of airborne transmission of the virus; and
  • Building occupancy management to reduce density and facilitate physical distancing

I agree to my responsibilities as a student, staff, or faculty member at TUC as outlined below:

  • I have completed the online review and training module for the Healthy TUC Return to Campus COVID-19 Plan and commit to following the guidelines to fulfill my responsibility for protecting the health of our community.
  • I understand that completion of this online COVID-19 training is mandatory to come to campus as communicated by the University (please see your email).
  • I will check my temperature daily and not come to campus if my temperature is higher than 100 degrees F.

As outlined in the Healthy TUC Plan for Campus, I will not come to campus if I have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever - Chills or shivers - Muscle pains or aches (not due to exercise) - Cough (worse than usual if you have a daily cough) - Shortness of breath or trouble breathing - Headache (worse than usual if you have headaches) - Scratchy or painful sore throat - New loss of taste and smell - Dizziness and lightheadedness - Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/stomach cramps - Sneezing, runny nose, or congestion (worse than usual if this is common for you) - Fatigue that is unusual or more severe than normal - Eyes are unusually red or painfulOR I have had a recent positive COVID-19 test
  • OR I have had a recent positive COVID-19 test
  • OR I have recently had exposure (defined as 15 minutes or greater in 24 hour period within 6 feet) to someone who had a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

  • I will practice good hand-washing hygiene: washing after touching your eyes, nose or mouth; washing after blowing your nose, or sneezing or coughing into your hand; washing after touching contaminated surfaces; washing after using a disinfectant product; washing frequently and for 20 seconds with soap and water, and utilize hand sanitizer if hand washing facilities are not available.
  • I will practice physical/social distancing (6 ft.) when on campus, when on University business or coursework, except when not feasible as a part of my teaching or participating in a classroom lab experience.
  • I will not come to campus if I have been confirmed to have COVID-19.
  • I will wear a face covering at all times when on campus. (This excludes when employees who are alone in their offices and when students and or faculty are engaging in labs where a face covering is not feasible.)
  • I will follow all updated guidance, policies, and or protocols that are sent out to the Employee and or Student body.I will follow the travel protocols and approval processes issued by the University as it relates to approved University travel.
  • I will follow the travel protocols and approval processes issued by the University as it relates to approved University travel.
  • I will follow the guidelines and criteria for returning to campus following a period of self-isolation.

Reporting: I agree to report to the following entities if I have a positive COVID-19 test result or have been exposed to COVID-19. Students should contact TUC Student Health Center by calling 707-638-5220 or emailing Employees should contact TUC HR by calling 707-638-5807 or emailing . Further, I will self-isolate for the period identified to me by the above entity.

Download the Acknowledgement and Attestation Form for your records: TUC_HealthTUC_Attestation.pdf