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Healthy Attitudes Produce Positive Youth

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Cameron Perez Student Officer
Logistics head
-General overseer
-Meeting minutes/notes
-Coordinate events
-General communications

I joined HAPPY when starting the Touro Master’s program because it had all of the elements I wanted to start in a club. I want to go into family medicine and so many of HAPPY’s goals align with the goals of a primary care physician. As I go into my third year in this program I know it will be better than ever despite being online.
Profile Photo Taara Momeni Student Officer
Research head
-Come up with research IRB
-Data collection
-Statistical analysis

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Regina Woo Student Officer
Facilitator head/Student affairs
-Student recruitment
-Student surveys

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Jaimme Lee Student Officer
Nutrition Coordinator
-Cooking videos
-Nutrition coordinator guide

Profile Photo Kundan Malik Student Officer
Social media
-Instagram and Facebook page admin

Profile Photo Lyly Huynh Student Officer
Participant coordinator
-Family participants
-Family surveys